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Incredible procrastination

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Does anyone have an extremely hard time getting anything done? I know I have to do something (usually schoolwork), but i will focus on any minutia that isn't what i have to do. Cigarette, bathroom break, eat, email, another cigarette or even just sit and think about that i don't want to do it. Hours will go by and I will get zero done. I will even start doing work that isn't t what i have to get done. I'm even here when i have less than two hours to write a paper. I have always been a procrastinator, but now that i have dp (i think) i lost the sureness that i used to have. I used to know I had to get things done. Now I'm not really sure of anything.

Can anyone relate?
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hmm.. I took an aderol once it made me really want to get things done and live my life. I wonder if getting it prescribed would help me. I don't know if a drug is the real answer though. You are probably right sleepingbeuty. The best way to cope with this is probably just to dive in and cope with it.

I will try your advice dawns highway. I seems like a very logical way to ease yourself into a habit of getting things done.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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