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Incredible procrastination

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Does anyone have an extremely hard time getting anything done? I know I have to do something (usually schoolwork), but i will focus on any minutia that isn't what i have to do. Cigarette, bathroom break, eat, email, another cigarette or even just sit and think about that i don't want to do it. Hours will go by and I will get zero done. I will even start doing work that isn't t what i have to get done. I'm even here when i have less than two hours to write a paper. I have always been a procrastinator, but now that i have dp (i think) i lost the sureness that i used to have. I used to know I had to get things done. Now I'm not really sure of anything.

Can anyone relate?
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I will even start doing work that isn't t what i have to get done
I know this, very well. And if I think that the other thing is what I must do, then I can't keep it up.

"Must". A powerful word. "I must do this". I think that for some people it works like a map, and for some other, it works like an undesirable obligation. Or maybe it's connected to a bad psychological condition.

Scattered said:
Anytime I have a paper to write, a test to study for, or just any general unpleasant task that has to get accomplished I"ll literally look for the stupidest thing to catch my attention so I don't have to work. I'll go have something to eat, get coffee, play a videogame, watch a TV show that I normally find boring and pointless with amazing interest.
...I do those stupid things, without the "amazing interest" :(

Motive is dead.

I should be studying to get my degree on economics.

I should memorize what people say to me, instead of thinking of nothing is important (I am forgeting).

I should be more trusting, especially with women.

I should be patient.

I should tidy up the house.

I should learn how to use that computer program.

I am trimming a few other things that I do and don't, in order not to cause a "depression" condition to my self (selfist).
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