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Incredible procrastination

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Does anyone have an extremely hard time getting anything done? I know I have to do something (usually schoolwork), but i will focus on any minutia that isn't what i have to do. Cigarette, bathroom break, eat, email, another cigarette or even just sit and think about that i don't want to do it. Hours will go by and I will get zero done. I will even start doing work that isn't t what i have to get done. I'm even here when i have less than two hours to write a paper. I have always been a procrastinator, but now that i have dp (i think) i lost the sureness that i used to have. I used to know I had to get things done. Now I'm not really sure of anything.

Can anyone relate?
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what you guys are describing IS in fact the same thing as ADD. you cant focus, your have a deficit in your ability to pay attention thus Attention Deficit Disorder. i dont know why people shy away from this diagnosis. im actually glad i was diagnosed as attention deficit because at least now i know what is going on. unfortunately, i have yet to find an effective treatment. meds dont do squat. i had some results from taking adderall but that was very short lived. unfortunately the only way to cope with this is to COPE with it. ADD people have to live their lives much differently then everyone else. thats just the way it is. we have to keep things as simple and consise as possible. cause chaos only confuses us more.
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