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Immature I know but...

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For those of you who get as many telesales calls in a day as I do (5-8 and I work from home) then you may find this useful.

Listen to the prank calls made using the Ozzy Osbourne one aswell. I can't wait for the next telesales person to call me, they are gonna get it.

Simple things...
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:lol: Very good.

What I do is just let them prattle on for ages, saying "hmm, yes, sounds interesting", using up their phone bill while I have a *** or indulge myself otherwise, and then right at the end say 'no thanks' and put the phone down.

I do feel sorry for them sometimes though. I've been out with a few girls who've worked in telesales, and by the sounds of it you'd have an easier time as a galley slave, and less chance of getting scurvy.
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