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Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus & Buddhists (as well as others) share the EXACT same God.
Rev, not trying to play the devil's advocate but...

I agree with the first three: Christians, Jews, and Muslims sharing the same god. Hindus, however have a pantheon of gods. I don't know the intricacies of that particular religion, so I suppose it's possible that Brahma may be considered the equivalent of the Christian/Jewish/Muslim god.

However, as a Buddhist/Atheist/Humanist, I take exception to the Buddha being classified as a god. Buddha, himself, admonished his followers to not make him into a god after his death.

The Buddhist church unfortunately saw fit for whatever reason to elevate him to god status. The Buddha was a great teacher who taught an excellent philosophy for living a good (even noble) life based on self discipline.

But, the Buddha was not a god. Even Buddha said he was not a god.

I find it so frustrating that the Buddhist church changed what was already perfect into something to fit their needs. Maybe there was a reason. Maybe the Buddhist philosophy would have disappeared from history without their intervention. Nonetheless, I think it's tragic what they have done.

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