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'Atheist propoganda ? How can it be propoganda when atheism is a lack of something ?'

I can't really understand this point. For a start, the word 'atheism' doesn't mean 'lack of something', it means one who isn't a theist, i.e. a believer in God (from the greek word Theos, meaning god). And just as Theism is a chosen belief that can be held zealously, atheism is equally a chosen belief.

And if you take this message board for example Martin, you will notice that the majority of zealous preaching and continuous barrage of opinion (which could be called propaganda) comes from your atheist camp and not the religious camp. I fully respect your chosen beliefs and I can tolerate your anger, but why you constantly need to vent it on this board where nobody really deserves to hear it is beyond me.

Go attack the evangelist churches who preach hatred towards homosexuals, or the Fundamentalist muslims who persecute women. But for the love know who...stop trying to make enemies out of people who are just trying to feel better. If feeling better includes a safety blanket, who are you to take it away from them? Show people here the same respect for their opinions as you expect for yours. You never know, learning to be a bit more tolerant and less judgemental might make you feel better about yourself.

your friend,
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