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Disturbing post, I feel sorry for you truly?and not because you do not believe.

These debates should not even take place. There will never be a winner. The answer will come for all of us when we close our eyes that last time.

...for the spirit of debate however

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus & Buddhists (as well as others) share the EXACT same God. I have friends in all categories and we often talk of religion. We have slightly different ideas due to interpretations from teachers but in the end it?s all the same.

You may state,
"Why then do they kill each other over religion?
If there is this ever so powerful God that can do ANYTHING He wants, why does He let us suffer? "

My belief is that one thing CANNOT exist without the other.
What does that mean to me? Good & Evil. The Light & The Darkness .The energies of the Universe.

The "fear they invoke in their followers with theories such as Armageddon!"
see scientific articles such as Chaos Theory.

Evolution VS Creationism
In order for a God to craft man in his own image, He must plot a timeline to achieve perfection. Could He instantly make me like I am? I believe yes but I do not think I would have the comprehension, instincts or understanding, those are passed down through genes and parenting. (ie. Butterfly Effect). Evolution IS real.

You seem to enjoy carving up belief systems. You have read the Bible yes, but have YOU really read it?. Did you get the seven layers (for each realm) of control?
Did you go into it with an open mind or did you have a pre disposition?

I was baptized as a child but my folks werent church going people. I picked it up on my own. No one "brainwashed" me as you adore promoting.

I am most likely through with this thread. I do not venture into this section often (see "There will never be a winner" comment). Just chillin' on a Friday @ work.
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