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I'm so scared

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I've had DPDR for about three weeks now, and only a few days ago have I started doing this.

I will be listening to something, whether it be TV or someone talking, and i'll get hyperaware for a second after someone says a random word. In my head i'll think I was just thinking of the word they said and it will freak me out. This started happening very sudden, and now it's just super frequent, like every 10 minutes. It gives me the feeling like everyone is fake and I control reality. I feel alone, and scared, and lost.

I hate it.

It's just so hard to explain, but I tried to the best of my ability. Hopefully anyone else out there who experiences this (I know I can't be the only one) will get it.

Can anyone help me stop feeling this way? For a bit more clarification, it's kinda a deja vu feeling. (oh god i hope i spelled that right.)

~A very depressed but also very hyper KittyCulprit
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Have you ever used any hallucinogenic/psychedelic drugs? This sounds like something that may arise due to having used certain drugs. Ive experienced stuff very similar to this but I got my dp from drug use. And from reading your posts, I cant tell if you did or not.
No, I have never done any drugs of any sort.
Listen, we've all been in that spot. When DP first started, I had those same thoughts. The feelings I went through those first few months were horrid and exhausting but it gets better, much better.

DP in a sense is hyperawareness. The individual starts questioning everything because the person's brain is overworked and so there is some disregulation of the brains perception of time and space.

Baaically, the brain is not interpreting external stimuli at a normal rate so it feels like like you are watching a movie with sounds and subtitles out of sync.

You are tired.

Your brain is fatigued and overly stressed. This, in a nutshell, is what I think DP is.

A side effect to the culmination of too much stress, trauams and how you, as an individual, cope with everyday stressors and anxiety.

I can recommend you some supplements that will ease your nervous system. These are otc ( over the counter). They do not need to be prescribed and are relatively safe to use.

Still, just as an advisory, I'm not a docotor but while on the subject, I would suggest you go to one and check your hormones as well as get an MRI and eeg scan.

The hurdles I went through in the past were worth it, all my results came back negative. I didn't want to leave anything to chance.

In some ppl, Dpncan be caused by epilepsy. Some epilepsy are not noticeable but a brain mapping could reveal if you are having seizures or not.

Not trying to scare you, 99% of all DP is just an overwhelmed mind caused by anxiety and stress.
Thank you! I'm going to see a psychiatrist soon, so she might be able to help as well. :>
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