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I'm so scared

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I've had DPDR for about three weeks now, and only a few days ago have I started doing this.

I will be listening to something, whether it be TV or someone talking, and i'll get hyperaware for a second after someone says a random word. In my head i'll think I was just thinking of the word they said and it will freak me out. This started happening very sudden, and now it's just super frequent, like every 10 minutes. It gives me the feeling like everyone is fake and I control reality. I feel alone, and scared, and lost.

I hate it.

It's just so hard to explain, but I tried to the best of my ability. Hopefully anyone else out there who experiences this (I know I can't be the only one) will get it.

Can anyone help me stop feeling this way? For a bit more clarification, it's kinda a deja vu feeling. (oh god i hope i spelled that right.)

~A very depressed but also very hyper KittyCulprit
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Don't be afraid. There's nothing to be scared of :)
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