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im so mad and confused with therepy choice i have to make

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went to my weekly group therepy tonight and they recieved a letter from my local mental hospital...this is the deal

i either carry on weekly 'group' therepy sessions

i either go to the local mental hospital for one on one session (8 in total,which would be ideal if it were longterm)

or i attend A.A meetings

i meen what a do i know whats best for me..and can they stop me having therepy if i attend A.A as well
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hey thanks jon

i will never ever touch a drop again,this was my 'end of the road' moment......
i just cant do it anymore,a life of sobriety is a tough thought,but the guy in A.A just said one day at a time and if i feel desperate go to a meeting or phone him...its alcohol that has gotten me into this anxious state but i was in such denial that i wouldnt admit that to myself,but now i fully admit that alcohol (in my case) is to blame...
it saddens me really that i cant just have a couple of pints then go home,but i know i cant,im an alcoholic...there you go i can even admit it now so no more denial

all the best
to be honest i believe now after admitting ive a drink problem that my dp could indeed be related to my drinking problem
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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