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Im overthinking everything

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Hey guys Im 19 years and I have a boatload of problems right now I'm overthinking everything. I literally have thought my self out of a happy life. Currently Ive been overthinking existence and its really messing with me. It all started when I thought about the idea we are on a planet in the middle of an infinite universe. Then I started thinking how we are basically aliens on a planet. Then I started thinking how crazy it is i exist in a world that hasn't even proved existence and how crazy that is. Then I started thinking that everything looks kind of virtual and that life is meaningless. Then I read a forum about a matrix and thought what if life was a big illusion all these thoughts have been plaguing me for 2 months and now Im afraid I'm driving myself crazy. I feel like i have very little emotion or drive to do anything and my perception of the world is completely messed up, I'm scared because I'm overthinking everything I feel like a different person. My family thinks Im doing this for attention but that not the case I had a panic attack two months ago while working out and constant overthinking since has gotten me feeling hopeless I feel like I need to be hypnotized to get all this crap out of my head its so sad because I was so driven and ambitious and now I feel like I'm becoming a crazy person. Its very overwhelming and I'm just tired of it its like I don't even care any more.

Im actually really athletic and artistic too but all this thinking has made feel like a stranger to myself. I literally feel like i just got dropped off on this planet because everything i used to understand feels foreign to me i see things differently in a bad way its making me feel very weird

I feel kind of hopeless I just want to see everything the way i used too. Im not even sure if I have dp tho either which kind of bothers me i think I may have ocd or something but its making me sick
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You’re not crazy. The same thoughts happen with all of us. It’s normal specially after a panic attack
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