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i'm new here...dp & dr with schizophrenia

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hi everyone. my name is Becka. I'm 18 and i have schizophrenia. I was diagnosed about 1 year ago. Been having symptoms all my life. I started having dp and dr symptoms about two years ago when the schizophrenia got worse. I don't think i have true dp, i think it's just part of the schiz.

I have feelings of being far away from myself and unreal. Everything feels like a dream and i often confuse my dreams and my real life. When i am in a psychotic state, i get other feelings, like being possessed/inhibited by other people. Sometimes i feel them in my entire body, but often it's just in my arms. I get feelings like i am mixed up and distorted, like a picaso painting, i can't tell where my body stops and everything else starts--it's like everything just flows together, or my body feels like a broken-up puzzle. I've had feelings of my arms and legs and hands floating away from me and not being able to tell where my arms, or legs are. I've also had feelings of being up-side-down and inside out. Sometimes when i look in the mirror, i dont recognize myself, or i see something else looking through me. And sometimes when i look at other people or objects, i'll recognize them as me or my family members.

well that's my summary. Thanx for reading

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