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I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myselself and my experience

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Hi everyone my name is Matthew and I've had DR for about a year or so.It just happened out of the blue one day when I woke up...I remember laying in bed looking at my model plane I have hanging on my ceiling and thinking that doesn't looked right.I went to work that day and half way through it went away.I remember laughing to myself saying wow hope that doesn't happen again.The next day I woke up feeling the same and it lasted pretty much the whole day...finally went away towards the end.On the third day it stuck.Never went away.This feeling is the absolute worst feeling there is.It took me so long to adjust and finally come to terms with what was going on.I did research and came to the conclusion the it was DR.So months went by and it started to get better.I met a girl and got into a relationship...which was hard because of me not really being able to show emotions very well.Everything seemed good but she would always say that I'm stoic like all that time...but it was because I just couldn't show anything.Tried to explain what I was going through but it's hard to fully describe this.Well after about 6 months of this I finally got to a place where I was comfortable with life and even though it was still there noticeably I could function.Then one day I did the stupidest thing I've ever done and let a friend talk me into taking shrooms.Didnt want to but he said he read somewhere the a low dose could possibly help and I was like well...low dose I guess I'll try it.So I did.Didnt gave a bad trip but the next I woke up 10 times worse.Complety felt like I was shifting out.Couldnt remember anything.Felt like someone turned the DR on full speed.I made a doctor appointment and he basically told me that the shrooms gave me cute anxiety and the it made the DR worse.He gave me same axeity med which double for sleep/allergies...barley help.So I was talking to my girlfriends dad about all this and he explained that meds only block the problem and don't really get to the roof.He recommended this stuff called's expensive but let me tell you it worked.It didn't take the DR away but made it where I didn't feel like I was shorting memory got better and all around things just seemed to get better.Im still deep in DR and nut where I was before the shroom trip but that nutrition program helped me a's worth a try.Anyways I'm so glad I found this site...I can't wait until I reach 19 post because I really need someone people I can relate to...btw I wrote this like right when I got up so I hope it makes sense
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