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Hello everyone. I'm William and I was diagnosed with depersonalization ( marijuana induced ) which last for 1 month my medicine was diazepam 10 mg and talk therapy. I was in shock I didn't know if I was real or my world was real, whole time I was watching my self through a window maybe a good movie in cinema, my pain receptors didn't work, I couldn't be happy and my memory was terrible. I started experimenting with a lot of things to cure myself until I found the cure and one morning I was in this world or in my body again. My theory is that you can't cure depersonalization at everyone with the same therapy, you need to ask deep questions and few simple questions to the person. Medication is useless believe me, mental therapy is what can get you out of the depersonalization. Everyone has a big chance to get out of depersonalization and I am here to help contact me in my e mail: [email protected] or in forum, I will ask you some questions and propose you a daily routine and a mental therapy. I believe that everyone with depersonalization have courage to get up every morning and smile.
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Hi William,
Can you help me please, my boyfriend has dp and Dr sometimes, I know almost every single detail in his day and all of his feelings in this journey of dp. Tell me please what can we do,we're so tired of this, it has been 10 months now . All of this start with a drug of depression that he took without permission, he doesn't suffer from depression, but he thought if he took the drug he could be more positive and happy, so I think it's the same of your case, because drug and weed almost the same thing.
Sometimes he feel comfortable when we talk and when he tell me about his feelings, and I send him some recovery stories from here ,I don't allow him to search about dp I do this for him ,so you can say that I know almost everything about dp and dr so I can answer his questions ,I can understand what he goes through, but how can we end all of this so he could feel happy and live a normal life as before!
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