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Ok so my mom asked me to follow her to some car-fixing place so she could drop her car off and ride back home with me. I told her I didn't think I should drive cuz I'm all hungover and out of it. She said she'd drive on the way back and we ended up going.

I backed out of the driveway and right into a neighbor's car that was parked on the street. Then as my mom was watching me back into the car she backed into our flagpole. I was kinda stunned... and we both just drove away! Well in my defense it was just a little bump... I didn't hear any scratching or shattering or scraping or anything. I checked my car out when we got to the place it was fine and then when we got home I looked at the other car and it seemed ok too.

Just felt like sharing with someone sorry.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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