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Im done with it (7 years)

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Basically i was a young boy at school and i was offered weed from a friend, smoked with him together at the park (was a fat bong) and after a few seconds i was looking at the trees and something didn't seem right, felt weak and i felt like my body was a robot (idk why but at that moment i enjoyed a little that robot feel, felt like a super hero lol ) , after a few minutes i started freaking out because i had this question pop up in my mind which said : What if you get stuck into this? AND ALL HELL BROOKE LOOSE, started freaking out ( my friend got scared ) , i go to sleep and wake up yet im still stuck, i call my friend and put a knife at his throat and ask him what did you give me, dude starts crying and sais it was just weed ( fucked up shit right?? )

-The next weeks i was like a sever rat runnin from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure ( there must be one) , they KNEW SHIT , so i started searching the internet and i found this forum ( never made an account on here before btw) , i kept reading and dwelling into darkness everyday and thankfully one day i found a blog of a guy called Jeff (he had dpdr for 20 years i think ) and i FINALLY Understood what i had, that dude explained perfectly my condition. I will give you his blog if you want to read him, just ask me.

My personal advice to get rid of it:
1.Understand that you got scared as fuck from the feeling weed or something else gave you, your LOVELY brain saved that feeling/state so it can show it to you everytime you felt endangered by it. The thing is you keep being shitless of this detached feeling so the brain is playing it over and over in your mind until the brain is exhausted so as a result new/different symptoms show up with time.
If you are scared of spiders, the brain is gonna attach bad feelings/fear to the spider so everytime you see one you will be on ALERT for your own good.

2. How to get rid of it, SIMPLE: DO NOT FEAR IT, if you do not have a single gram of fear about Dp/dr it would go off at this very moment, thats why when you read succes stories you immediately start feeling a little bit better, so all you have to do is quit searching for a cure and know that not fearing it is the only cure. Know that your brain was trying so hard to save you from it and you've exhausted yourself mentally which gave you brain fog and a million other CREEPY symptoms.

3. My last words
I do not care from what you got it, i dont care if your father or mother was so bad at you in life ( it has literally nothing to do with it) , the fact that you have DP/Dr is the sign that your body, brain and common sense are in perfect condition so you need to immediately stop looking for a cure and simple "disensitize" , some people have more balls and can be fearless of it in a day and some other may need months but the moment you do not fear it, it wont be there.

Farewell my friend.
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You make it sound very easy if only it was that easy but you had it for 7 years and i only had it for 2 i will do my absoulute best not to fear it anymore.
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It can't go away because you're checking to see if it is there and sure as hell the brain is showing it to you so you may run and hide from it, you need to continue your life and force yourself to do things, talk to people etc, stop looking for a magical cure and slowly you will forget about it, one day you will just realise that it is gone, the moment you realise you won't even be happy becaude dp/dr is not a big deal for you and it has not emotional power in your brain, it will be just a thought. Thats why all of those who recover can't exactly remember how it truly felt.
Whats the difference between accepting and checking in?
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