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I'm convinced

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I think i have schizophrenia!! I'm never going to get "normal" again.. All i do is think about shit to the point i feel unreal. I cant concentrate on things because I'm crazy.

I feel like I'm in a dream or in a movie. I feel like I'm going to trip out. I'm going to be lost.

I have constant panic 24/7... :cry:

Ill i do is look up shit online, i read all this shit and i have all of it.
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Hi I am new here but not new to dp. I joined this a few days ago for support and what I could offer and also receive. It is nice to not be alone. To spaceplex I wanted to say keep re-reading what assuring things ppl have said and deep breathe. I am sober now also and remember very well the withdrawl and dp kicked in big time. Trust me that duz pass. You are on the right road. I also was convinced of schiz, and my Mom was paranoid schiz! So I was SURE I had it, but I don't. I don't think u do either. Hope u can get a therapist and a support group about the sobriety part. Sending calm thoughts everybody's way. Thanks for all being here and so honest. It definitely feels like hell no denying that. I just did the damn dishes while I felt like I was going over the %^$^^ing edge, and here I am now able to put sentences together 20 minutes later. Think this: I was not brought this far to be dropped on my head, I am not a freak and not alone. I will feel and do better for myself. Keep breathing.
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Hey 1A I am in Ohio too, so now I know I'm not the only one in my state, and in this "state". Sorry to hear how this sh*t blindsided you, I'm sure we all feel somewhat ambushed by such a weird "disorder" or whatever. I have months where dp is way way in the backround, and 3 or 4 months ago it reared it's ugly head again so now I'm doing distracting things as much as possible since it seems this is like a relapse--I sure get what u mean about the 24/7, certainl sux it Big time. Glad we can offer something to all eachother.
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