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i read a lot of dp stories, and a lot of them people say they smoked weed

had a crazy panic attack

and was never the same

that didnt happen to me

what happen was,

i was super frustrated, told myself i hated myself so much i wanted to smoke weed cus at the time i didnt like doing it

but what happend was, i went from so mad, to 2 puffs later, to so calm

then i was like confused, it was like 2am so i was like in my car, and was like

ok i guess ill go to bed?, like no point in staying up when im not mad

it was so weird

but the next day

all i remember was

my dad talking to me in the morning

and usually when someone talks to me, something pops up in my head, or i feel something in my heart to say

but when my dad was talking, like i literally felt nothing

so i didnt say anything

then he said something again so i was like okay i have to say something

and i like blurted something out, but the thing was

i couldnt even say what i wanted to say, like i slurred my word so hard, like if i was drunk or some shit

and i was like that for a few days

my words would slur so bad and i was like trying my best to communicate with people

even tho what i was saying i had no clue, i was just trying to talk to people and i was slurring so hard

i did remember i had super anxiety when i went to work that day

partially because people would talk to me and i didnt know what to say

like i literally had no feeling on what to say

so i guess that made me feel vulnerable


for like 5 days i thought i was just still high, until like legit a week later i googled how i felt and dp came up

but if i didnt have a panic attack

i dont think these weird things like if time is real or some bull like that

i just feel like i lost my person

thats it

people talk to me and i have zero to say

no feeling no nothing

is this dp?

u know i lent my brothers friend my weed pipe and that was the pipe i smoked out of, my brothers friend is kinda sketch

could he have fucked me over?

if he put some shit in that pipe, like what the hell could it of been?

and shit i feel like some crack heads have more feeling then me

so i think i would of gotten over this bullshit 2 years later

idk man, im just trying to figure this shit out

if i could feel on what to say or have thoughts pop up in my head on what to say

and be the old happy funny person i once was

ill be good man

i dont really have that 3d vision everyone else seems to say

what yall think

pls help me out
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