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What's up guys? It's been a while. It's Austin. I want to say it's been like 2 years since I've been here or something but anyways... here's an update that is going to have quite a bit of venting but I also wanted to ask for some advice.

So... here goes. My anxiety may as well be at an all time high with how bad it has been recently. The combination of financial stress, self- esteem issues, the disassociative fog as well as OCD rituals & obsessions has taken a heavy mental, spiritual and physical toll on me. The smallest tasks feel like massive chores and it's such a shitty feeling too feel like you've lost control of your life. Needless to say, at 22 years old I definitely imagined being alot further in life than I am now. I've missed out on a lot of life experiences and need to do everything in my power to prevent that from repeating itself over the next chapter. I want to preface what I'm about to say with this: I prefer to have only people who are in a good spot mentally and in their lives give me advice. If you're still struggling heavily, it wouldn't make any sense to leave some input. It's like a 600lb dude trying to be a personal trainer. It would be like me being a life coach right now, just doesn't make sense.

Anyway my question is, what therapies, techniques, mindsets and/or strategies should I take to improve this situation? What helped some of you who were in a similar place? I don't believe in medication and have a strong aversion to psychiatric drugs, but I'm starting to think I may need some in the short term. But, as a last resort. What can I try before then to fix this?

Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well,


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Good sign is you have something you want to change
For me its that i have accepted all of this shit and just struggel through life waiting when i get out of here....
I dont see anything what i have or what have to change. Im just feeling so down

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Hi David I have tools that can really help you......first you need time to
examine the quality and accuracy of the information I will share. You
already know that DP/DR is a stress controller valve...your nervous system
survives but you acknowledge that by not being PRESENT ALERT and STRONG
you are in a disadvantaged position which feels annoying as well. Behind
the cure are hidden treasures connected with the purpose and meaning of

All starts with DISCONNECTION....

Obviously our body is designed with an instinct to achieve SAFETY.
This is an expression of DIVINE PROVIDENCE .
Who programmed your instincts WANTED you to be safe....was not you who
implanted this survival instinct in your self.
By observing our abilities in a rational way we see that dangers and
uncertainty are far away out of our control (still we do have some power in
these things but with crucial limitations).
Anxiety is the AWARENESS of these dangers and of our lack of deposits of
power and wisdom to completely win and address them leading our self in
SAFETY, as the Creator WANTED.
DP/DR is the valve to protect your nervous system of being burned out
let's say of this existential anxieties .......but not the solution.
SAFETY and piece of mind can ONLY achieved IN CONNECTION with the
source and Creator of our lives. When our inner self (our heart) is aware
and is projecting this aspect of reality and we live according this higher
Source guidance we gradually come out of the maze and achieve a feeling of
safety that is not a auto suggestion but the reality of our day by day life
experience.....WE experience CONNECTION with the meaning of our life our
Creator and in the serenity that emerges a new thing emerges which is LOVE
. We can reflect empathise or fully see (be aware) others and their needs
and feelings .....the lake reflects the surrounding landscape only when is
like mirror calm...this is the exit of DP-DR. In piece you are capable to
see what is out of you and feel it. ....the end of numbness of fear and
DP-DR(depersonalization serialization). All people are "blind". You are
lucky enough to know it...this is the deference and the advantage in your
occasion. DP-DR is side effect of this disconnection "blindness' . I
am prompt to teach you gradually all what I know in a free style and free
of charge coarse based on bible the manual of life. You will be allowed to
question as badly you like every aspect of what you will be learning with
no offense....and out of obtaining the return to reality you will achieve
eternal life in connection with the source of your life in a paradise earth
with loving association with million other meek people of integrity. (I
am male 52 years old married having 2 kids in the age of 20. I live in
Australia and i am Greek I am Christian (Jehovah's Witness) ...I know where
you come from ...I struggled with very similar difficult situations and I
obtained with the help that is coming from above lots of help that I would
love to share with you...even in Skype or what other setup you would like.
I would not except any obligation from you to agree with my information or
to commit in anything)
With care Nikos Mar.
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