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hello there,

im a new member to this forum and it came as a huge relief to me when i found this little gem of a website. Im 20 years old and have been suffering from DP/DR for about a year now. As with most other cases, it comes and goes whenever it feels like it! I suffer from extreme tiredness most mornings and have this constant feeling like im in a daydream and nothing around me feels real. I find it really hard to concentrate on anything when i have bad days and i often end up worrying compulsively that there is something gravely wrong with me - i worried for weeks and weeks that i had a brain tumor when, apart from my DP symptoms, i function normally. To those around me, i appear to be functioning correctly but on the inside i often feel pretty horrible - can people identify with this?

My doctor has sent me off to get some counselling which i hope will do the trick, but i still constantly worry about anything and everything. I just hope that one day soon, i will wake up one morning to find that everything feels normal and that i dont have to use up every last bit of energy worrying about things excessively, and striving to make things feel real once again. Keep on truckin',


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Well hello and welcome,

I hope by now you have read some people's stories and looked at some people's first, second and third post. If you have, you will have found yourself amongst a community or anxiety ridden worrywarts. lol. No, it's not funny as in haha, it's funny as in we're all in the same boat ( with some differences).

I hope you find comfort and a better understanding of what is happening to you here. I also hope your conseling sessions are productive for you. Hopefully they will begin right off in working with your obsessive worrying. It will slow down as you learn how to overcome it.

Again, Welcome.

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Dear "Worried in UK"
Once you get past worring about the DP, and realize that it cold be a while that you have this "thing", you will find it easier to deal with. As far a worrying about the rest of the world?...."don't worry about it", the universe has a way with "dealing with everything and everyone".
I wish you well.

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