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I wasn't sure at all where to put a thread like this so decided to stick it here and let the Mods sort it out.

This thread idea is stolen from another forum and I loved it so much that I'm starting it here. How it started was this kid just posted the lyrics to this song called "Pea" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, off their critical and commercial failure "One Hot Minute". The guy who started the thread said that beneath all the filler and junk on the album was this little one minute gem by the bassist "Flea" called "Pea". He sings and plays acoustic guitar on it. The lyrics are:

I?m a little pea
I love the sky the trees
I?m a teeny tiny little ant
Checking out this and that
I am nothing
So you have nothing to hide
And I?m a pacifist
So I can f u c k your shit up
Oh yeah I?m small

F u c k you asshole
You homophobic ******* dick
You?re big and tough and macho
You can kick my ass
So f u c k i n g what

He made the thread so that people could post lyrics that you're really "feeling" at the moment. Or they could just be nonsensical or whatever. But anyway, you know what to do. The thread just keeps going and going, and it's a chance for people to learn about new music as well. I don't know, I like the idea anyway. I hope you will too. I'll start it off with a favorite of mine by a great band by the name of Smog. The song is called "Ex Con" The lyrics are:

i get dressed up
I feel like
an ex-con
Trying to make good

Jean jacket and tie
Feel like such a lie
When i go to your house
I feel like i'm
Casing the joint
In the grocery store
In line behind a mother and a child
I'm going to take take that child
I'm going to take take that child
I'm going to take take that child

See because alone in my room
I feel like such a part of the community
But out on the streets
I feel like a robot by the river

Alone in my room
I feel such a warmth for the community
But out on the streets
I feel like a robot by the river
Looking for a drink

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I don't understand, gem. Could you try to explain a little better how I was not thinking of other people when posting this thread? Did you even read my little disclaimer up at the top where I said I didn't know where to put it? If you think the thread doesn't belong on your website that's fine. But I hardly think that I was being self-centered or whatever in posting this thread. It's precisely the opposite. It's for everyone. So we can all share some lyrics. So maybe we can learn something from them.

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That's totally cool, Cloverstone. I guess I was just a little naive in that I didn't think a few swear words would offend someone. It honestly didn't cross my mind once. I mean, cmon. People do swear in the real world. And I could see if I peppered all of my posts with such language that it'd be a problem. Anyway, I don't want to seem like a dick and I won't put up a fight or anything because tha'ts silly. Do what you will with the thread.

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Cloverstone, thank you for the kind words. You are right in your reply regarding posting, I am not saying he cannot post his feelings and thoughts here, I said it in my post, I personally which means my own personal view is that it did not belong in this part of the site. I am not in anyway trying to be rude to you. I again personally would not use that kind of language in expressing myself, I know in the real world these words are used and I will admit I have said a bad word but I would not use it so freely on a site like this because yes it may offend others. If it does not then I will step back and give my apologies.


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Looks like i'm the only one using this great thread 8)

Well here's another song. It's by Jim O'Rourke


I?m still waiting
For a sign
That describes
How it?s all gonna end
And arrives
At a time
When it seems like
It had failed me

Once again
Like a friend
Who needs you

Like a house
Needs a floor
To know
When it?s been walked on

To know
How it feels
To wait
To be lived in

It would be easy
To stay
This way
If it weren?t for
A little problem
That I see
Beneath my complaining

Like a wheel
That needs oil
Like a plant
That needs reminding

That it?s nothing
Without soil
Then it?s stuck there

Like a crumb in bread
Like the seeds in an apple

That you felt
Was someone else
Giving you something/
It?s never too late
To start to regret
Every step
You?ve taken
Every word
You?ve said)

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This is the place
You'll end up when
You lose the chase
Where you?re dragged against your will
From a basement on the hill
And all anybody knows is
You're not like them
And they kick you in the head
And send you back to bed
Isolation pulled you past a tunnel to a bright
world where you can make a place to stay
But everybody is scared of this place
They're staying away
Your little house on memory lane
The mayor?s name is fear
His voice patrols the pier
From a mountain of clich?
That advances everyday
The doctor spoke a cloud
He rained out loud
You'll keep your doors and windows shut
And swear you'll never show a soul again
But isolation pushes you ?til every muscle aches
Down the only road it ever takes
But everybody is scared of this place
They're staying away
Your little house on memory lane
If it's your decision
To be open about yourself
Be careful or else
Be careful or else
Uncomfortable apart
It's all written on my chart
And I take whats given me
Most cooperatively
I do what people say
And lie in bed all day
Absolutely horrified
I hope you're satisfied
Isolation pushes past self-hatred, guilt and shame
To a place where suffering's just a game
But everybody is scared of this place
They're staying away
Your little house on memory lane
Your little house on memory lane

Elliott Smith - Memory Lane
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