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I'm a different person now

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I can't tell if I still have DP/DR or not. I have flashes of prior symptoms but they are just that... brief flashes. My DP/DR started 2 years ago and was caused by a panic attack from weed.

It feels like the DP/DR is gone but yet I feel such deep trauma from the whole experience of it over the past 2 years. I feel deeply troubled by the fact that I feel as if I completely dissociated from the person I was before and I'm a new person now. It feels so wrong. I can't even put it into words very well... I am struggling. It's like I'm just a different person experiencing things differently than the "me" before would have. There is a huge break in the timeline of my life. The memories I carry from the "me" before my current self feel distant and like they happened to a different person.

I'm going insane!

What is happening to me?!
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Thats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Since I was young I watched endless documentaries about wars and there was always a part where a soldier talks about trauma.I could not understand why they were not able to live a normal life once the war was over.I thought trauma is something that goes away once the troubling phase is over.
Even after my DR was over ,I still have the trauma with me ,and I cant function like a normal human even after a year.
Emotional trauma is the worst thing ever.
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