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I'm a different person now

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I can't tell if I still have DP/DR or not. I have flashes of prior symptoms but they are just that... brief flashes. My DP/DR started 2 years ago and was caused by a panic attack from weed.

It feels like the DP/DR is gone but yet I feel such deep trauma from the whole experience of it over the past 2 years. I feel deeply troubled by the fact that I feel as if I completely dissociated from the person I was before and I'm a new person now. It feels so wrong. I can't even put it into words very well... I am struggling. It's like I'm just a different person experiencing things differently than the "me" before would have. There is a huge break in the timeline of my life. The memories I carry from the "me" before my current self feel distant and like they happened to a different person.

I'm going insane!

What is happening to me?!
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