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Still rather new to THIS particular forum...but certainly not new to DP or to chatroom conversation. I have lots of great experience and I am a pretty good listener. My counselor of 2 years has even asked me if I have ever considered studying the "healing arts", due to my ability to "see" and to give adivce. Sounded strange coming from the person who was supposedly listening to MY issues, but nonetheless, I am here if anyone wants to chat or just "post" or e-mail or whatever. Oh yeah...and dont let the name scare you. I came up with the name ("crazy_or_just_hazy") one day when my DP was off the charts, and while I was trying to figure out my problem, I asked myself the question..."am I going crazy, or am I just a little hazy?" a feeling that I am sure most of you can empathize with. Anyway, I hope you all have a good day.
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