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That is both spectacularly good advice Person3, and yet also spectacularly bad advice. We are forgetting something here....perseverance.

Just from reading the endless and miserably relentless posts where people have tried one thing, given up after a day, a week, a month, and thrash and wail around screaming 'nothing is going to work for me', I'd wager that it may have something to do, in some cases, a lack of perseverance. I know I'm going to get slammed for saying this, as you may think that it implies a lack of willpower, but I'm not. There isn't a quick fix, so, hard as it may feel, you're going to have to give a large number of different 'techniques' until you find the one that helps you. Of course, those of us who are lucky enough to stumble across their own 'fix' quickly enough are the ones who forget how tough it is.

Nobody can tell you how long to stick at a particular 'method' - you have to decide for yourself. And then, yeah, sure, if it ain't working, don't change it. Remember - simply knowing you are ill doesn't explain it, and won't make the slightest bit of difference on the road towards a cure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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