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If THC caused Dp ,can CBD cure it ?

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Any thoughts on this issue ?
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I've been taking it since this 2017 Thanksgiving day. At first it was interesting because I actually felt stoned without my dp symptoms getting worse. Which in my case, happened every time I smoked weed since becoming dissociated. My symptoms would get 100x worse while high. That's coming from smoking weed daily for 2 years pre-dp with no problems. And I really enjoyed smoking weed, so it was an interesting experience to feel "stoned" again without problems. But I found that it was just a novelty, trivial, to be stoned again. I feel I've matured to where I feel there's more to life than "feeling good/high". I was going to stop and took a night off (monday). I took CBD again last night and had some strange dreams. I have 8 gel capsules of CBD oil that I bought on Monday, and they are 15mg each. I'm going to just finish them off because they are expensive and I don't want to waste. But after this I'm going to stop. I no longer feel stoned from the CBD as people say and are right that you build a tolerance to the effects. And now that it's been mentioned I also feel an emotional blunting, which is already a factor with DP/DR, so I want any "emotion" I can get.
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I want to try CBD but it is still illegal in Australia to import.

I am more interested in vaping it (i am a full time vaper) ,but since it is an oil ,i think it should not be inhaled ,because inhaling oils might cause lipoid pneumonia.

But how did you get high on CBD ? I thought its only the THC that makes you high
It wasn't necessarily a high feeling. More like a feeling of body very calm and relaxed. IDK maybe my body recognized the CBD and produced a placebo stoned feeling. But others have said they feel stoned at first too. So IDK.
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