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If any exact medications are developing?

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Since there are no drug developed , I wonder if any are developing? Hope…
And what we can do to help this? We can’t just stay!
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Hello. I'm not aware of any medications being developed for depersonalization or how that would even be conceptualized. There are organizations dedicated to depersonalization awareness and research, the most recent of which I'm aware of is Unreal UK. I'm limited to the English speaking world. Depersonalization research is conducted in many different countries but not as often as research for depression, schizophrenia, etc. Some of the research is psychiatric and other is neuropsychological. Psychiatric treatment is focused on rehabilitation, treatment of comorbid disorders, and acceptance. Neuropsychiatrists seem to be fascinated with brain scans and magnetic stimulation devices. In the US there've been several good books about depersonalization.
Thanks for your reply! I have been suffering from dpdr for two years and have been searching for a cure or medication for dpdr for two years, but the results have always been disappointing. I learned that many people have been with dpdr for decades, and it made me despair. In my country people including psychiatrists know very little about dpdr and now it seems that the whole psychiatric community knows very little about dpdr.
Given that there is no definitive drug to treat dpdr, what can be done for drug development?
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