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after 3 very very long months, I am slowly starting to feel like me. Today is the first day I have no anxiety and clammy hands. I feel like "me" but a mild sort of me, I feel the identity is coming back, but that my identity isn't a strong me at the moment, I feel like a "mild" me, if that makes sense.

What worries me is that I have suffered on and off with depersonalization for 11 years, it has been caused by overwhelming anxiety and stress, e.g. splitting up with ex-boyfriends, moving house, my cat dying, most episodes have been 4-7 weeks, but this one has taken me 3 MONTHS to come out of. I am frightened that as I am getting older, they are taking me longer to come out of??? Has anybody experienced this???

Please help.


My love and support and sympathy does out to all sufferers of dissociation/DP/DR it is hell on earth, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. My thoughts are with all of you xxx
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