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I worry REALITY doesn't exist

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It's like if you've been blind your whole life and that's all you've known, you don't know what sight feels like, but you know it's there, cause others say it is. But then if you've been able to see, then some accident causes you to go blind-- you know what sight is, you know it's out there, but after some time you forget what it feels like. You have a new reality. But you're also aware that others have something you don't.

I don't know. I just don't think I'd recognize reality if it bit me on my behind. I hear about it, and read it exists, but it always feels out of reach.
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It's hardly surprising that, after an age of chronic DP, that you begin to entertain thoughts that either:

a.) You'll never return to reality,


b.) Reality doesn't exist.


c.) You'll forget what reality is.

I've had DR/DP and had these exact same thoughts, and recovered, and let me assure you that reality is out there outside your head. Please don't be scared....remember, DR/DP is NOT your natural state, so reality will return when you recover. Like riding a bike, you never forget it, however long it's been since you've tasted it. And when you recover, you won't find reality to be strange, because as I've said, prior to DR/DP, it was your normal state - your natural frame of mind.
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