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I will boost your ego.

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The more and more I read things written by people in this community, the more convinced I am that I'm brain dead.

Everyone here is so smart and articulate. I've totally lost my brain and ability to speak and write. I hate to admit it, but if I met anyone here in real life I'd probably label you as totally normal. You come off as so intelligent, capable and motivated sometimes I begin to become convinced that this dp thing isn't really the problem.

Maybe my problem is worse than I thought.

This was really meant to be a compliment,
not a complaint.

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I think you are just as smart and articulate as anyone else here...

(Actually, I feel completely stupid now, too, 'cause I forgot to do something I usually do this time - just forgot to look at the watches, but now I really wonder what the ... was I doing all the time. Somehow I had a feeling that it's much later than it actually is. Okay, just another boring complaints, but it's always good to write them down, even if they're not very much connected with the thread I post them in. Uff)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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