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I will boost your ego.

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The more and more I read things written by people in this community, the more convinced I am that I'm brain dead.

Everyone here is so smart and articulate. I've totally lost my brain and ability to speak and write. I hate to admit it, but if I met anyone here in real life I'd probably label you as totally normal. You come off as so intelligent, capable and motivated sometimes I begin to become convinced that this dp thing isn't really the problem.

Maybe my problem is worse than I thought.

This was really meant to be a compliment,
not a complaint.

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Hey,,,You sound the same, you seem to be able to express yourself... You feel this way because your mind is so busy all the time. You are self monitoring , looking for something, on guard 24 hours a day.... That is why you feel you can't talk or think etc... your brain doesn't get a rest from the constant self monitoring.

Your writing is coherent .... Use those coping skills, distraction, read, watch a movie anything but ruminate over and over. when you start to rumnate, get up and do something that requires your undivided attention. Retrain your brain..... that is what I try to do anyway....

Good luck
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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