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I was on the car home...

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...and I started thinking something really weird may happen. I thought I'd somehow teleport out of the car to another, possibly unfamiliar place. Or maybe all the traffic lights in the world would suddenly go crazy and blink red, yellow, and green all at the same time, and my stepdad who was driving the car would make a u-turn and just drive without a destination...and I'd never make it back home.

I think I'm going crazy...
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i can remember when i first aquired dp and i wouldnt drive.....when i went out as a passenger i would cling onto the inside of the doors for the great fear that i might disapear....bumps in roads made me panicky....and traffic lights were hell cause when the car had stopped and nothing was happening the fear grew more that something bad was happening, its weird all the stuff that goes on in our heads... :?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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