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I was on the car home...

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...and I started thinking something really weird may happen. I thought I'd somehow teleport out of the car to another, possibly unfamiliar place. Or maybe all the traffic lights in the world would suddenly go crazy and blink red, yellow, and green all at the same time, and my stepdad who was driving the car would make a u-turn and just drive without a destination...and I'd never make it back home.

I think I'm going crazy...
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hehehe nope. :D

youre obsessing. quite normal obsessing in fact. ive said this a million times and i dont mind saying it again and again and again lol.

what the problem is is not the fact that you may or may not teleport or go insane. and hey.. if you do... well then who gives a crap theres nothing you can do about it cause it will be too late ha!! :)

the problem is the fact that you are THINKING about it. the thinking is what is scaring you. you can obsess about your eyeballs popping out too. of course you know they wont pop out. but you can trick yourself into thinking they will if you obsess about it enough. but the facts are that

THEY WONT! :wink:

tell the ocd monster to take a hike. the key is changing your thinking before it gets out of control. you have to recognize the pattern of obsessive thoughts and stop them before they start.
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