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Since I found this site a week ago I have been feeling better! Just knowing that there are others that have this. hAving a name for it. Knowing what causes it. Understanding how it works. I have been thinking about my life and trying to figure out what is causing my problems and trying to change my thinking and fix the things that are wrong in an effort to even furthe elimainate my DR! I was having a DR day when I found this site last Sun. Since then I think i have not had a DR day and that I have, on the whole, felt a lot better since then.
On that note I just had to share my day yesterday! I went to a pool party for my friends little girls 8th birthday! This is a situation where I would usually feel very uncomfortable and have a lot of anxiety and be sitting a wreck the whole time! I was fine! I wasnt really nervouse the whole time I was there! I just played with my kids, swan, talked had fun and enjoyed the day! I think that is the most "normal" day I have had in over a year! It is the most I have felt like "myself" in a year as well. It was so awsome! I feel great!
I think that understanding this and trying to let go of some of my fears and trying to accepth things and realizing that I never felt this way till that one day... and that that one day has made me a stranger to myself, has all been good for me! I wont go so far as to say I am fine now but I will say I think I am well on my way!
I am so glad I found you all! Janine you are awsome! In the one week that I have read your posts it has been more help that anything I have tried in the past year!
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