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I want to talk about my dp/dr

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Hey guys
I'm a 25 year old Swede based in Göteborg

I've sufferd from mostly derealization and some depersonalisation for about 9 years now. I always find it a bit hard to talk to people about my problems. It's difficult (if not impossible) to explain my state of mind and what it feels like to someone who has never experienced or even heard about something like this. I'm also afraid to sound like total crazy.
I really wanna speak to someone who's also depersonalised/derealizationised, it would be a great relief to have some who truly understand what I have and still am going though, and vice versa.

This forum is great but I'm not a huge fan of texting, I rather have a vocal conversation.
It would be great to speak in my native language, so if you are a Swede or know Swedish please reply :) otherwise i can communicate in my inadequate English
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