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I want to share with you my story. 18 years old.

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Hi everyone, first of all i want to sorry for my english skills because actually its my 3rd language.
So, my name is Tal and im leaving in Israel (Please dont involve politics :roll: ), Im 18 years old and i want to share with you my story.
Its all started about 3 years ago, I flew to Netherlands and started to filling very strange, i was fealing that i was in a scary dream.
I was from suffering all DP/DR symptomes for like a month and its just disappeared.
Everything was normal.

My life has been great, i graduated school with excellence, playing basketball, nice girlfriend, "the good life".
I'm supposed to go to serve in the army in 29/11/2017.

Now back to my story, after graduate school i flew with my friends to Palma The Maiiorca (Spain.), it was great vacation, parties all day and crazy fun.
3 days after i returned from Spain it happend.
10/07/2017: I was driving with my dad and started to feal that someting is wrong, I had a strong headache so we switched and my father took the wheel.
And there it goes, I had a panic attack from the headache, i was feeling that im going to die, i was sure that i have a heart attack.
I was feeling dizzy but i relexed and finally arrived home.
Then it happend again, same scary feeling that im having a heart attack.
My father called to 101 (Emergency number) and the ambulance arrived, they took me to the hospital but the doctors said the i was having a panic attack.
They released me home.

The next day i was travilng to my sister that was living in Tel Aviv (city in Israel).
Yes, it happend again, i felt that im going to die and thats it, i was stress and couldnt breath.
Again my father called to emergency number and the took me to the hospital.
I was suffering from strong headache. They sent me to a CT scan but the results were fine.

Again, They released me home.

From that day i cant live my life, i was suffering 3 months from headache and experienced almost every day panic attacks, I was afraid that I had a tumor in the head that causes pain.
I started to feel the DP/DR feeling again, I live in anxiety.

Eventually about 3 weeks ago i was sent to CT and they found a "pan sinusits chronic".
For now im taking antibiotics but i thing that I'll have an operation.
This feeling is frightening, I have a DP or DR from that day and cant realize that its the real life.
Can anyone help me please? :sad: :sad: :sad:
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