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So a bit of backstory first. When I was a teenager, I abused Marijuana to the point that it induced pretty severe DP/DR. At first, I never had a problem with smoking weed. I smoked pretty regularly and heavily without experiencing any negative side effects for around 2 years.

I remember the first night it triggered something. Sat at home with a few friends, seeing who could handle the most bong rips (hash with no tobacco) and of course I was the idiot who carried on and 'won'. All seemed sound for the time being but it all just kind of crept up on me. I felt like i had tunnel vision, my face, mouth and body went numb, I had to touch things to make sure they were still there, to make sure I was still there as if i was just going to fade out of existence, everything felt ethereal, nothing felt real. I didn't feel real. After a burger, a cup of tea, and subsequently projectile vomiting them back out, and then falling asleep, I wrote this incident off as a one-off and continued to smoke.

For a while, things felt back to normal, but eventually i started to feel the negative effects of smoking weed more and more frequently, albeit not as severely as I had done on that particular night, so i just rode it out and continued to smoke until one night I was home alone, took one rip from my bong and proceeded to freak out again, this time of all the feelings of DP/DR were accompanied by some pretty horrific closed-eye visuals until i finally managed to fall asleep. Since that night I decided to cut down on the amount of weed i smoked, and would continue to smoke albeit much, much more sporadically in the hopes that more infrequent use would help to level things out. Then on the last night of a music festival in 2009, i smoked a joint to myself, and it happened again, all of the DP/DR symptoms in full swing, but thankfully no closed-eye visuals, and I haven't touched the stuff since.

Jumping forward to the present day. Thanks to cleaning up my diet and lifestyle, my new found addiction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and effective therapy sessions used to address issues with depression and anxiety, as well as DP/DR, attacks associated with DP/DR are an incredibly rare occurrence, and when they do occur are nowhere near as severe and are easy to cope with. However, I can't even smell marijuana without it triggering a moderate reaction related to DP/DR.

I'm now looking at vaping CBD to aid in issues with insomnia, as well as recovery from regular, intense training sessions, and as a general mood enhancement (all former mental health issues aside, I'm a grumpy bastard at the best of times) but I'm apprehensive given my past with Cannabis, I know that CBD is non-psychoactive and interacts differently, with different receptors in the endocannabinoid system, but my (possibly irrational) thought process is that since it comes from the same plant that has caused me to have to many issues in the past, will it not have the same sort of negative effect?

Is there anybody out there with similar experiences with Marijuana induced DP/DR who has gone on to using CBD and had success with it?

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