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I remembered i was cured for a day, the next day i let my brain fall into the dumb trap and i was back were i was


i was dp'd like a mother effer, was mad and everything, felt like getting some air so i went to play basketball

it was just me by myself, like shooting hoops for 20 minutes, then this dude pulled up, took me like 10 minutes, to run over there and ask him for a game, anyway i was all dp'd and couldnt talk for shit, and the dude was like nah man im just waiting for something

i was like ight

anyways i played basketball for the next hour, and to keep me concentrating, i would count in my head, 1 to a hundred over and over

and i just remember playing ball, and i was sucking, like my shot sucked, and b4 this dp shit i was a young larry bird, like on some real shit, id b like yelling larry then shooting the ball and it go in, like i was damn good, anyways with dp it kinda fucked my shot up


hour into shooting i got my shot back, like i was legit not missing anything, id get the rebound, run up fadaway boom in the hoop, same thing over and over, and i legit made like 10 shots in a row, then my alarm went off, i was like damn time to go to work, so i shot the ball 1 more time, made it ofc, call me bird

and i took the ball, spiked that mother fucker cus it felt so good and then from there on, i was walking back, and i was thinking to myself, like michael remember u have dp, and my brain wouldnt let me think that, like legit, blocked that shit out, and i thought that 1 time and was like cool

that whole day i was myself, went to work myself, went to my girlfriends after, had the greatest day of my life

woke up the next day, had bad anxiety from my brother slamming shit,

i had this weird thinking like it was my fault he was doing that stuff, so kinda messed me up

anyways i think confidence is the cure

cus i swear,

if i could talk again like myself, o my god, dp would be a breeze

but thats what i struggle with

idk when im with my girl i just talk talk talk out my ass

1 out of 50 things will make her laugh

but i just keep talking, dont feel like im gaining anything from it but yeha i just keeping going

anyways yeah

what yall thank

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Low self esteem is a huge part of being an anxious person...But it takes alot of practice and time to build self confidence back up again....

Usually we have developed this from a young age....And its usually the result of a parent, sibling or bully friends constantly telling us we didnt try hard enough or could have done better or made too many mistakes or simply arent good enough...

The secret is to lower your own personal bar.....Realise that its ok to make mistakes (if humans didnt make mistakes we would learn nothing)....The most advanced minds, sports people, scientists, artists etc etc would never have gotten where they were without constantly f*****g up.....

Society plays a huge roll in the theory that we have to be perfect to get by....Complete crap....The media bombards us with beautiful models and high achieving sports people and genius scientific and medical developments....Half of it is total crap.....The models are photo shopped, the sports stars play s**t games all the time and the scientists spend years of trial and error figuring out stuff like new medicines and discoveries...

Perfectionism.....Its part of the reason we are anxious people and have low self esteem....Lower your personal bars people....Its ok to make mistakes....And its definitely ok to be average........

Perfectionists beat themselves up constantly for making mistakes / High Achievers constantly learn and improve through trial and error....Which would you rather be????????

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yeah i always said theres no1 harsher on me then myself, no doubt about it, my parents didnt really let me fuck up, since after high school ive been fucking up a lot, been learning from it tho, i guess thats good

anyways yeah ia gree with uy eddy
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