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i think my dp might be going gradually

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i cant believe it but i was lying awake last night for a long time and suddenly i could see things normally. I was looking around the room with only the street lights coming through the blinds and i could see things real the way they should be. I was so scared to move incase it went away. I got up and went to the bathroom. Although things looked normal again i still couldn't really relate to my image in the mirror. I went back to bed. I was so scared to sleep incase i woke up in the morning and i was back in dp land. I woke up this morning and dp was back, although i do keep having having glimpses of reality. I'm not sure if it is because i increased my dosage of lamotrogine (lamictal) yesterday to 125mg. I also had a big discussion with my boyfriend last night and he was telling me that he may be moving back to his home country. He made me see that i need to have a goal in life which is something i have always been unsure of. I have always been unsure of where i was going in my life and i seemed to just try to survive doing whatever i could to get by. When i started thinking about it realised i had to think about my future. I need to have a plan. I can't keep not doing things and using dp as an excuse. I have to work towards something. Although dp is the main reason i have been not been working or studying, i came to accept it and have been waiting to get better. I can't wait around anymore. I think I have been living in dp for so long as i have always had my boyfriend to support me financially which has made it easier for me to stay home and obsess about my condition even more. I think maybe the thought of my relationship ending because of this has possibly had an effect on me and brought me back to reality. I am hoping that my dp might be lifting slighty and i pray that soon it will be gone. I send my love to everyone on this board and pray that we all recover from this.
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