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I think many people think all anxiety is bad

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Anxiety is one of the most natural feelings. Too much anxiety makes us slip into Wondeland, but i think many of you start to feel nervous and get all worked up over it, as do i.

We have to reassure ourselves we arent crazy, that just cause we feel nervous theres nothing wrong with us.

Everyone feels anxiety. the most normal people you can find feel anxiety, probably every day for one reason or another. Just because you are too, and know that it leads to DP, doesnt mean you have to worry about it, just go with the flow. The worrying is a major cause of DP, and i assume with most others as well. Know your feeling anxious and try and keep it at that, I would much rather feel anxious at this point than not, and slip into DP. Try and concentrate on something. Sing the lyrics to your favorite song inside your head, and dont stop until the point that you dont even remember why your doing it anymore. Do whatever you can to take your mind off whatever is causing your anxiety, including the DP, and worrying
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Good advice.

I mentioned it before on here, too, sort of.... sometimes the best thing you can do when you feel lost is lose yourself in an activity, movie, etc.

Ironic, perhaps, but true.

Then again sometimes a good oldfashioned "SNAP OUT OF IT" from someone works, heh

Yeah my day ended up not to bad at all, too. I finished a bunch of ads today, so I'm proud of that, as well (I'm a Graphic Designer).

And I apologized to the person I mentioned earlier and things are peachy.

I'm trying to keep concentrating on this weekend...going camping with my boyfriend. Nothing like 3 days in the woods to escape things :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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