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I think i'm recovering?

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Hey, My name is Jesse. And i've been suffering for DP/DR for 2 years. I used medication all the time. One was called Abilify. I'm quitting since a couple of days.
And i have the feeling things get more real? Since i quit Abilify. It's like Abilify made it worse all this time. I feel more here. Not 100% yet. But it's a start. Is it possible that abilify made my DP/DR worse? It helped my anxiety for a while. But i don't need medication anymore for anxiety. I think. I do not feel anxious at all. At with the day things feel more real. And i feel more real. Could this be it? Could Abilify be the thing, that made my depersonalization worse? I'll keep you guys updated! Thank you for taking your time reading :)
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UPDATE : Everyday goes a little bit better. I can even enjoy the sound of birds chipping outside. Normally i don't even notice. That or it doesn't do anything to me. And maybe sounds weird. I can smell again :) Normally i can't smell the outside world. Things are going great! I'm very happy. I hope it will continue like this. Derealization isn't that bad anymore. Can anyone explain this to me? :eek:
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