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I think Im finally letting go of DP

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Ive recently been feeling quite grounded.
After nearly a year, I can surely say my DP/DR has, for the most part, completely subsided.
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Congrats. Any insights into how you did that or just 'live your life as normal'?
Yes. I'm afraid to say that there is no clear cut formula for this temporary condition except for a well-balanced diet, exercise and mindfulness.

I did dabble with supplements and in my personal opinion I believe DP is just the outer layer of a myriad of emotional disturbances and anxiety.

I suspect it's more of an cortisol adrenaline thing really.

The mind, after excessive exposure to stress and panic -- as well as your nervous system -- are thrown off balance.

Certain hormones are swirled into over-production and others are depleted.

On a deeper level, the way we deal with stress plays an important role later on in life.

If in our childhood our emotions aren't properly nurtured, we begin to dissociate in small amounts.

Im no professional but children often can't neither fight or flee in stressful situations so they end up relying on a third alternative: dissociation.

These thought-patterns, if not rectified during adolescence, can stir up a bunch of cognitive related problems later on in life.

Couple with bad managing skills, frequent bouts of panic attacks and an already overwhelmed nervous system, DP is just around the corner.

But not for everyone. Genetics play a role too.

On a much more deeper side to this is this: fear.

Fear of what we are, what we can be capable of good or bad, fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of social environments...all of this, as well as a very imaginative introverted mind, creates barriers pushing us away from living in this reality and concern ourselves more with the four walls and our head.
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