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I think I have worse than Dp... I can't go on anymore

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This might sound odd but when I first got dp I was scared of everything because things looked wired so these are the things I was scared of.

My carpet
My vacume cleaner
The stop light when ur driving
And I feared my shoes thinking they were scary gonna hurt me and cars tress freak me out I can't even see myself Inna reflection without getting scared my whole world is like a scary movie!

My hands my limbs would look like they were big this scares me to death plus my
My feet and hands would go numb and I can not feel them

I would think I would hear stuff not gonna go into detail but it still happens where I half to turn down the TV to make sure I was hearing what I was hard to explain. I couldent even put on my shower without thinking I was in a doom and my hearing telling this sounds like this and that hard to explain it's scary.

I don't understand how this illness is dp ? I'm having all these crazy mental symptoms and I know for a fact if I go to a therapist and tell them there gonna label me as this and that. I've already been labeled bi polar by a ER docter so I've stayed away from all hospitals and docters. I guess I can't handle it or maybe I tuning from the hard truth

I know this sounds crazy but this is what im dealing with I feel like I have a Mental illness way worse than dp and I feel like ending my life and Giving up I'm only staying strong because of my younger sister I love her so much but this pain is to much to handle! I've never touched hard drugs in my life but weed!but I'm considering weed a hard drug now because And I think this changed me for the rest of My life.
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seems normal, except the part with shoes hurting you, dont understand that one.
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