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I think i have DPD help to verify symptoms?

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Hey guys i just learnee about this condition about 4 days ago. When i was 15 i smoked weed and had a panic attack and slowly over the past 10 years i have getting these symptoms of spacing out, being trapped in my head, not being able to focus. It advanced to feeling foggy and eventually not really recognizing myself in the mirror and feeling disconected from reality. I have gotten increased generalized anxiety and my DPD symptoms seem to get worse with anxiety. I do have the typical panic attacks sometimes. As i am just learning about this i want to make sure this is what im dealing with so i can research further. Thank you for the help, its to the point to where im constantly thinking about it and it makes it much worse
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Stuck in OCD loop, part of anxiety.

Sounds to me like you triggered an anxiety disorder, you have a very typical story, i just dunno why you left it 10 years but it's never too late, go to a physiatrists who understands DP, even if you have to go private... that's my advice
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