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I think I have depersonalization again

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So here's my story, I've dealt with DP/DR in the past and I managed to cure it by distracting myself and trying to enjoy myself, now I'm constant stress and I can't figure out reality, in the past people couldn't talk to me from a distance, I don't know how to explain it, people add constant stress to my wellbeing by talking to me, I'm thinking of going to a psych ward because I might kill myself if this continues. I don't know how can I deal with both DP and the talks. Please somebody give me advice on what should I do because I feel so lost.
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I can't avoid people they talk to me 24/7 and it's exhausting me, I have no relief around here where I am, that's why I wanna go to a psych ward, I know it's stuffed with nurses and doctors and I know it's like a prison, but since I can't avoid people I feel that if I don't go I might not be able to stand this shit anymore, I think that by going there I will find relief. Thanks for your advice tho, appreciate it.
Plus my family is not willing to take care of me anymore and that's why I need to go there so I can work intensely on myself and hopefully the talks will stop while I'm there.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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