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Hi All
After posting on here yesterday about my symptoms I realise that the very act of doing that is keeping this thing alive.

Ok, we all know that any symptom we experience can all be put back to anxiety/depression. The problem here is that we have to believe it. Also I am finding that I am not stopping myself when I am having exitensial thoughts in fact I am getting more involved in them to try & lessen the fear. My imagination of disastrous things could go on infinitely. I realise that I am obsessing in my head as I don't want to deal with reality. I am also noticing that when I do have a symptom instead of saying stop straight away & returning to what I am doing I am just for 5 seconds going oh no its here again.

All this stuff adds up to the never ending circle.

I think we got to find the strength or personal power that we would use to fight off an intruder & fight this thing. What I mean by this is -

1. Hold your head up high feel your strength within & let the fear be there
2. Realise what you are feeling is just a feeling (yep I know its horrible but it passes, we know this from experience)
3.Accept what you are going through is horrible & try to take ownership of it. Say yep, I've got an illness, I have been through this horrible attack, this symptom etc, dealt with this thought before, hasn't harmed me, I'm still here & haven't gone crazy.
4. The memories will always be there but you can either choose to relive the horror of them or move on & say it was in the past. Just like people who go through horrible experiences like war, rape etc, they try not to relive the horror every day. The more you think about it the more symptoms will come & your brain will get into that habit.

The hardest part for me is trying to train my mind to not think about imaginary stuff or symptoms. You see, anything can happen in your imagination but with reality there are limits.

So this is where I am at at the moment. These things have helped ward off many a panic attack lately due to work stress. If we can all find the strength inside & try & make the fear as small as possible I am sure over time fear/dp/dr will go away & only come when needed.

I hope so anyway.

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Excellent Charger! We posted and exchanged opinions before - your first point (whatever it is called: feeling strong/being yourself/confidence/beating hopelesness etc) is the first and final cure - feel the power inside of you :wink: .

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Hey guys I can only make sense when I'm not all dp'd but I know how hard it is to try & tell yourself all this when you are in that state. But I learnt all this from Janine's book - just taken a while to sink in.

I can't help but get freaked out & start concentrating on the symptoms. But bit by bit I will teach my mind to accept it as just as a sensation.

The questions of life etc are the worst though aren't they, just could analyse forever, no wonder we feel crazy!

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Thanks for your words of encouragment here, Charger! This is great! It is easier to think about what to do when you're not in the symptom mode. But it's great to have a plan. Trying to just accept and keep moving forward. Very helpful advise here!

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