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I had an overdose on edibles exactly a month and two weeks ago. You all know the rest.

My symptoms seem to be fading, some completely. I am extremely relieved to not have to deal with brain fog, that made my grades drop and stressed me out so much. My "dream like vision, or movie vision" is fading, I think this is due to me being calm and more relaxed, and it isn't bothering me like it used to.

I now enjoy sleep, like I used to before! :)

I don't know where I land on the % scale of "recovered" so far, but it seems to be going away fairly quick for me. It just feels weird emotionally. At times, I feel like myself. Other times, I feel like I have no motivation and don't care about things I used to - "anhedonia" or whatever that shit is. It is so hard to explain, sometimes I feel right but not like before. I was wondering, is this common? Should I be expecting this feeling for a while or is this the "final" stages of recovering?

I have read the stories posted by "ManOnTheSilverMountain", and my experience seems to resemble his a lot.

I also smoked weed 4 months ago, and experienced this DP/DR thing (I think), for a few hours after my shitty panic attack. I only took 3 hits and the high went away, but I felt weird af afterwards. I am guessing that this is exactly like before, but just a long, drawn out experience that lasts days/weeks/months? My panic attack 4 months ago wasn't as bad and I barely got high. This time, I took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I should have (unintentionally), and I was panicked a few days afterwards as well. Just a thought...
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