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Id avise not to smoke ever again. While it may not be your case, it can still affect your recovery. I too think that Im recovering.

Dp is shitty but the recovery can be equally ardous as your mind and body are try8ng to make sense of thibgs yet again! The thougnts and emotions i had under dp are probably the saddest and most depressing things i endured.

It took some tike but after 4 months, I DO see some recovery althought im not quite there yet.
This is a mental thing and in some cases it is hormonal and brought on by a constant excitation of the PNS. Cortisols and nonepinephrine are out of whack in most anxiety-induvded DP, and OCD contributes 8n aggravating DP.

What jas helped me is better diet, good supplements, extreme mental discipline and patiecne
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