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I like to help people on this matter. HPPD is one that nobody believes will go but it does at the end of the day, and i will tell you the steps i took to rid of it.
DP/DR I suppose can be somewhat like HPPD visually, as the distortions can be very similar, but HPPD can add a couple more wild arrays to the stew.
I DO NOT have either HPPD, DP or DR any more. But you know when I am bored on the computer i sometimes like to help out people who were once in my situation.
I can shed light on taking drugs while sober after recovery, drinking alcohol, exercising, eating, mind set, anxiety, reality, just anything really i have the T-shirt LOL.

Nice one x
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Hello. Can you please tell us in this post the following?

1-Exercise? What kind of exercise? How often a week?

2- Diet? What did you eat and what is it that you did not eat?

3-Mind set?

4- Alcohol drinking?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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