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I cannot stress this enough: TRY NEUROFEEDBACK.
I developed derealization because of an anxiety disorder that I thought was gone but resurfaced. I had DR for about 5 1/2 months. Neurofeedback was a GODSEND! My family often sees an applied kinesiologist and he told us about this neurofeedback system called Neuroptimal and I couldn't thank him enough for that. He explained that it works because the brain, like so many organic things, is self-healing, it just needs a kick in the pants sometimes. Neurofeedback will provide that kick in the pants. It lets the brain know where the problem areas are so that the brain can fix them itself. During the first handful of sessions, I started feeling discouraged because I didn't feel much different. I was told, however, that it typically will start making big changes around the 10th session. AND. IT. DID. I feel almost entirely better now (I'm not quite done with the sessions). I'm the person I was before, the world is as it was before, life is as it was before.
There are a few things that are essential to remember:
1) Never cry alone.
2) Don't worry. Worrying will make you suffer twice.
3) Don't you dare lone-wolf this one. You need a fully crewed ship to cross this ocean.
4) Remember what this is. Your brain closed out the world because it got overwhelmed. Now it's just having a hard time reconnecting with the world, it's just having a little trouble functioning and we call it a mental illness.
5) Mental illness is just an illness. You're sick. Not anything worse, just sick and every sickness has a cure. Every venom has an antidote, every problem has a solution.
6) You are not alone. Derealization is not that rare an illness.
7) You'll notice that I never once mentioned how I felt during derealization. That's because it's only been a month or two and I'm already beginning to forget how I felt. Perhaps it's because I had such poor memory during derealization. Or, perhaps, it's because I don't need to remember, and I've let it go.
... Promise me, that when all is said and done, you will let go of this. That you will not obsess over what you went through, you will not let it follow you around and continue to hurt you. People sometimes, as strange as it sounds and for whatever reason, hold on to past pain. You must let go of the past because as hard as you try to hold on to it, it's already gone. It's pointless to remember such pain. Do not remember the details of the pain. Remember how it felt to come back to the world.

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Apr 21 2017 02:18 PM

I'll try to research that neurofeedback thing. I doubt there will be any clinics at all for this, but hey it's worth a search.

Congratulations and enjoy life
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May 23 2017 03:22 PM

Have been feeling extremely hopeless lately, thinking that I will never recover! It warms my heart when I come across people who have defeated the monster.

I hope that's me someday soon!

Thank you for this!

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Jun 13 2017 10:30 AM

Thank you for this, have been struggling with this shit for 5 years and never really tried anything to make it stop but this is giving me hope to stop this thing once and for all
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